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VeiligheidNL chooses Creapolis
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VeiligheidNL chooses Creapolis

We are proud to welcome a new client. From three contenders VeiligheidNL chose Creapolis to produce four informative video’s on allowing babies and toddlers to sleep safely.


In 2018 VeiligheidNL highlights safety during sleeping, a very important subject voor expecting and 'young' parents. Creapolis will produce four video's that will inform and help this demographic with letting their infants sleep safely.


For over 30 years VeiligheidNL have been working to reduce the number of accidents in the Netherlands. They have chosen Creapolis for our broad experience in designing educational applications and media for very specific target groups. Because we believe that every person and organisation is unique, we put a lot of effort in understanding their world and perspective. We are proud this is acknowledged and to be contributing to child safety.