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23 JANUARI 2023
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Dutch government and Creapolis team up for Telluz pilot

Approching transgressive behaviour and sexual violence

On the recommendation of the Dutch government, Mrs. Mariëtte Hamer (former member of parliament and cabinet informant) was appointed as government commissioner for the approach of transgressive behavior and sexual violence in 2022. The government commissioner is tasked with advising the cabinet on the development and implementation of an action plan. In addition, the government commissioner is expected to be a recognizable figurehead and driver of the change that is needed to break through the culture that leads to sexually transgressive behavior and sexual violence.


In the context of its concrete activities, the office of the government commissioner and Creapolis have recently agreed to jointly carry out a pilot with Telluz, Creapolis' new integrity assessment tool. The pilot will be carried out within a number of municipalities, private companies and sports clubs.



Telluz anonymously maps out:

• what people generally consider to be right and wrong behavior (the moral compass);

• whether or not people think that their colleagues and managers behave in accordance with this moral compass (in practice)

• whether or not people think they themselves succeed in behaving in accordance with this moral compass (the mirror);

• which intervention(s) people consider most suitable to bring the organization and its people to a higher level of integrity (the solution).

The results of a 'Zeggut' measurement can be used to work on (behavioral) change in a targeted manner.


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