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19 OKTOBER 2021
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House of Understanding visited 85,000 times

With these amazing numbers, the online expertise center is proving its value to people with Prader-Willi syndrome, their parents, carers and practitioners.


The House of Understanding is the digital portal of the Dutch Expertise Center Prader-Willi syndrome. In addition to bringing together and exchanging validated knowledge and expertise, it is a place where those involved can share their experiences. As such, it aims to advance the understanding of this rare genetic disorder.


Since going live in 2016, the Huis van Begrip has been visited more than 85,000 times. At first sight, those numbers do not seem impressive, but when you realize that only 10 children are born with the syndrome on average in the Netherlands, this range is viewed in a completely different light. The value of the available information is furthermore confirmed by the long average visit duration of over 5 minutes.


The House of Understanding is the result of a collaboration between the Prader-Willi Fund, Erasmus MC, Radboudumc, Stichting Kind en Groei, the Prader-Willi Foundation and Creapolis Media. The expertise center does not receive any subsidy from the government or health insurers and can therefore use your support.