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23 MAART 2018
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Be Smart in Nepal

Creapolis is developing 'BeSmart' (a training template) for Studio Jux and Terre des Hommes


Studio Jux is a young, sustainable Dutch design label for men and women that has many of its fashion items produced in its own factory in Nepal. Thanks to the growth of these production activities, in the coming years Studio Jux will be coming into contact with thousands of Nepalese people: present and future staff, their children and families, staff of suppliers and their families and inhabitants of the area around the factory.

For all these people (an estimated 8,000) a phased training and education programme will be realised in the next 3 to 5 years in collaboration with Terre des Hommes. This starts with training in relevant crafts and then with general modules in the local language and English, computer literacy and personal finance and social modules such as “self-consciousness”, “critical thinking” and “problem-solving”.

The training courses will  given in the classroom, on-the-job and with the aid of E-learning.