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MAART 2006
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inside the head"Integrity is primarily supposed to be in the head. We don't have supermen, and everyone... whether it's a person who works for the municipal cleaningservice***, or for a water authoritie, or in a department... has doubts every now and then". Thus the minister of the Interior nd Kindom Relations Mr. Johan Remkes in the introduction video of the Integritycube.


Pros en cons The Integritycube is an interactive training tool to make integrity negotiable within the organization in an accessible manner. The program contributes to the awareness of employees about the theme of integrity. Participants in the training sessions are invited to formulate answers to questions like "what would you do in this case ', 'why' and 'in spite of what', prior to watching one or more of the eight dilemmas that the program contains. The aim of these questions is thinking about situations and finding a balance between the pros and cons in a situation.


BLAMEThe program also contains another component - the Blame model - which has a different function than the dilemmas. The Blame model shows the steps you can take in identifying and addressing possible undesirable behaviour. The acronym BLAME in Dutch stands for: Noticing: behavior is noted that possibly lacks integrity Labeling: the behavior is considered undesirable or unethical Addressing: the person who exhibits the behavior is given notice Report: when behavior is persisted the manager is addressed Levelling: afterwards the issue will be evaluated by the parties.