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The WizKid of OZ


In the framework of the program "Renewal HRM" of the Ministry of Justice Creápolis Media designed and produced The WizKid of OZ, a unique interactive quest for the secrets of the digital management of personnel files.



By analogy van 'The Wizard of OZ' the user lands at the Mystery of Invisible Affairs after a huge storm. The only way to get out of here again, is finding the WhizKid. Only he knows where the exit is. On his way to this WizKid the user meets a number of special characters and in the meantime learns anything and everything about the how and why of the changes that will soon take place at the Ministry of Justice.



​The WizKid of Oz is an engineering marvel, combining special background graphics with live video. With Herman Koch, Michiel Romeyn, Carla Hardy and Geert Lageveen.